Peri-Up Overview
Strength, flexibility, efficiency, and safety.

PERI-UP modular scaffolding systems allow for the greatest possible flexibility. It is achieved by using a minimum number of components. The system can be used for assembling reinforcement scaffolding as well as the erection of stair towers or a working platform. This flexibility saves time and money.


The main components of the PERI-UP modular scaffolding such as standards, ledgers and decks have a uniform length and width grid arrangement of 25 or 50 cm. This allows almost any adjustment to be made to suit for each project. Until now, this has only been possible with tube and coupler scaffolding systems.

Safe working conditions

For the new PERI-UP industrial decks, a 25 cm width was selected. This means working platforms can be completely covered without any gaps.

Fast assembly

The gravity lock is a self-locking ledger connection which allows fast and safe assembly. When installing, the wedge falls into the rosett opening and locks automatically. The rectangular profile of the ledger prevents the mounting of tubes and couplers on parts which are not suitable.

High load-bearing capacity

Due to the special node rigidity and the enormous loadability of the connection, PERI-UP scaffolding has a high load-bearing capacity.

Increased Productibity

The PERI-UP system is the only scaffolding system on the market where the horizontal members are rated to allow safety harnesses to be attached. This allows more flexibility and increases productivity for workers while using the system.

Peri-Up Scaffolding Systems     


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